23/04 2020
Mayra Titira, pro bono lawyer from Ecuador visiting Belgium The Ecuadorian activist Mayra Tirira works as a pro-Deo lawyer at the women's organisation Surkuna. This legal-feminist human rights organisation assists women, girls and young people in cases involving abortion, sexual violence, forced motherhood, etc.
04/09 2018
Progress on HIV goes off-track as donor commitments continue to shrink Mit Philips reports on the world's largest gathering on HIV and AIDS - the 22nd International AIDS Conference, held in Amsterdam from 23 until 27 July 2018. The Conference kicked off with an explicit focus on diversity, key populations and young people. Challenged by the HIV community Donors were asked -, if now ‘flat-lining is the new increase’ and ‘reducing is the new flat-lining’. Read more …
19/06 2018
Spotlight on health and rights of adolescent girls The sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescent girls took centre stage at the 2018 European Development Days (EDD), writes Be-cause health coordinator Tim Roosen.
03/10 2017
Nouvelle loi sur l'avortement en Bolivie Le 28 septembre, le parlement bolivien a finalement adopté une nouvelle loi sur l’avortement. Ceci est un grand pas dans la bonne direction après des années de criminalisation.
01/03 2017
"Why are there so many teenage mothers in developing countries?" Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo launches unique e-tutorial on sexual and reproductive health and rights.