A date with Science: Tackling critical pediatric infections: Insights from Peru
21/12 - 30/11/2023

Join us for a special seminar with our guest speaker Theresa J. Ochoa. This academic seminar will shed light on critical pediatric infections such as neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, and diarrhea, which contribute significantly to mortality rates in children under 5, especially in resource-limited regions.

Programme: 2.30pm – 3.30pm: Academic seminar in aula Janssens (and online)

Speaker: Theresa J. Ochoa, MD, PhD

Title: Tackling critical pediatric infections: Insights from Peru

Register: Please register to attend in person or to follow online

Worldwide, pediatric infections such as neonatal sepsis, pneumonia and diarrhea remain a leading causes of mortality amongst children under the age of 5. The prevalence in resource-limited settings is even higher. Surviving infants often suffer long-term consequences in growth and development. To address this urgent need, our discussion will spotlight ongoing research efforts in Peru and showcase how we aim to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention for these crucial infections within the context of a middle income country.

Short Bio:
Theresa Ochoa is a Pediatric Infectious Diseases specialist working in Peru. She works as Professor of Pediatrics at Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH) and holds the position of Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
She is Director of the Tropical Medicine Institute Alexander von Humboldt at UPCH, one of the partner institutes of ITM.

Theresa’s research focuses on pediatric infections, with an emphasis on enteric pathogens and diarrhea in children, pneumococcal infections, the mechanisms of action of lactoferrin and clinical trials in pediatrics. Her long-term objectives are to find cost-effective interventions to decrease the burden of infectious diseases, and to improve outcomes in pediatric populations in low and middle income countries.