ITM Alumni Webinar – World Malaria Day
08/05 - 08/05/2024

Malaria control in Rwanda: Progress, findings and strategies towards elimination

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25th of April – World Malaria Day – is an occasion to share alumni insights and research findings on malaria-related research, highlighting the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention, treatment and controI.

In light of this year’s World Malaria Day, ITM alumna and PhD-student Arlette Umugwaneza will focus her presentation on the malaria situation in Rwanda from 2018. Following the upsurge of malaria cases before 2018, Rwanda improved existing control strategies and implemented new ones that have been successful in reducing the number of malaria cases nationally, although new challenges such as antimalarial resistance have emerged.  In this webinar, Arlette will share the history malaria control and elimination efforts in Rwanda during the last years, changes in malaria epidemiology, and challenges that are currently being faced.

The Q&A-session will be moderated by Anna Rosanas-Urgell, Arlette’s PhD co-supervisor and Head of the Malariology Unit at the ITM Biomedical Sciences department.


  • Arlette Umugwaneza, PhD-student, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), Kigali, Rwanda and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) Antwerp, Belgium


  • Anna Rosanas-Urgell, Head of the Malariology Unit, Biomedical Sciences department, ITM, Antwerp, Belgium