Mohammed OWAINEH

Community Education Supervisor, Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR)

Mohammed worked for two years with BASR’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme before leaving to continue his studies in the United Kingdom.

Upon his graduation, Mohammed has proceeded to work with BASR, utilizing his degree in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs to bring in new expertise to the pre-vocational and educational community centers.

The BASR community day-care centres, founded in cooperation with local committees in the villages and refugee camps of the Bethlehem district, serve children and youth with disabilities, ages 3 to 16, providing them with special educational intervention through individualized and interactive teaching approaches to prepare them for inclusion into the regular education system and into community at large, promoting the rights of persons with disability through awareness and advocacy activities as well as various integrated educational, cultural, social, drama, arts, sports, play and recreational activities they periodically carry out. They also render regular educational services to preschool children in their kindergartens as well as primary school children in their primary classes, where children with disabilities are included to learn alongside their peers at an early age and participate in all activities, in addition to low achieving pupils from the surrounding regular schools.