Webinar: Framing Matters – An alternative to the language of development, aid and charity
19/06 - 30/11/2020

The way we speak of world problems has an influence on the way we think of them and react to them. Language has the power to create social change. But what does this mean for organisations active in development cooperation?

During the webinar “Framing Matters – An alternative to the language of development, aid and charity”, Tess Woolfenden, of Health Poverty Action, will introduce us to the most frequent traps in our communication and give us tips on how to avoid them.

The dominant narrative heard today in the global North about poverty is mainly based on charity, aid and so-called “international development”. This narrative tells us that we can put an end to poverty and inequity if “we” give to “others”. Although development assistance, whatever its form, is important, stating that aid would be the main solution to poverty and inequity is incomplete and even damaging.

With a more conscious approach to how we communicate we can move beyond this damaging narrative, ensuring that we share effective messages on poverty and inequality, inspire people to take effective action and minimise any unintended harm we may be doing.

Together with Viva Salud, Be-cause health, Public Interest Research Centre and a few members of the Progressive Development Forum (Medact, NEON, PHM United Kingdom and PHM West and Central Africa), Health Poverty Action has realised a practical guide on how to communicate on world equity and international solidarity. You can download this guide via: https://www.vivasalud.be/en/a-practical-guide-for-communicating-global-justice-solidarity/ 

Time: Friday 19th June 2020 from 10.30 to 11.30 AM

Register viahttps://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_wVM4WmHYRpWBbV75959ISA

Speaker: Tess Woolfenden, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Health Poverty Action

Moderator: Jasper Thys, Policy Officer at Viva Salud

Organisation: Viva Salud in collaboration with the Be-cause health working group on Determinants of International Health and Health Poverty Action

Language: English