10/05 2022
Press update: Accessible Social Health Protection in Low-Income Countries Niamey, 10 May 2022 - Every country in the world faces the challenge of protecting its population. But how to set up social protection? Where to start?
03/12 2021
DES PRODUITS POUR LE COVID-19 DE QUALITÉ INFÉRIEURE OU FALSIFIÉS : UN RAPPORT EN FRANCAIS Depuis le début de la pandémie, le Medicine Quality Research Group a identifié 845 articles pertinents sur les problèmes de qualité des produits médicaux pour la COVID-19.
09/11 2021
23 & 24 November: Climate Justice and Health Equity International conference on Climate Emergency and Health
27/10 2021
Support the climate call The Global Health Community at ECTMIH-2021 support Climate Call
19/10 2021
Working Group Determinants of International Health (WG DIH) – “Decolonising global health” WG DIH is looking for new members. Interested? Contact the coordinator.
04/09 2020
The pandemic is a social crisis Thematic document on COVID-19 for 11.11.11 by Working Group on Determinants of International Health
06/05 2020
New: annual report 2019 The annual report 2019 is ready. Read more about last year's activities, highlights and the working groups of Be-cause health now.
23/04 2020
Mayra Titira, pro bono lawyer from Ecuador visiting Belgium The Ecuadorian activist Mayra Tirira works as a pro-Deo lawyer at the women's organisation Surkuna. This legal-feminist human rights organisation assists women, girls and young people in cases involving abortion, sexual violence, forced motherhood, etc.
12/03 2020
General Assembly of Be-cause health is postponed In the context of the decisions surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic, we have made the decision to postpone the General Assembly of Be-cause health. As soon as the situation becomes clearer, we will plan a new date.
07/06 2019
Calls for proposals A number of calls for proposals has been opened recently for experts, alumni and/or young researchers in the field of international health.
23/04 2019
Be-cause health Annual report 2018 The new annual report of 2018 gives you an overview of who we are, what we have discussed and what we have achieved.
13/02 2019
Which health cooperation projects are funded by Belgium, and where? website of Belgian Development Cooperation shows all projects funded with Belgian aid, including all Health Cooperation projects.
18/12 2018
From knowledge to power: global health gatherings incentivize to tackle inequalities” By Julie Steendam, policy officer at Viva Salud, co-president of the Be-cause health working group 'Social Determinants of Health'. Based on her participation at the Global Symposium on Health System Research in Liverpool and the People's Health Assembly in Bangladesh, she reflects on system analysis, including on assumptions towards the private sector, and on calls for action able to tackle inequalities.
06/12 2018
Seminar on Access to Quality-assured medicines The Be-cause health seminar on building universal access to quality-assured medicines gathered over 80 participants at the DGD headquarters in Brussels on November 20th, for looking at how national and international funding agencies, as well Belgian stakeholders, can contribute to this aim.
05/12 2018
Medicines and ethics Poor-quality medicines are especially prevalent in low- and middle-income countries. They represent a threat for individual and public health, by causing therapeutic failure or direct toxicity, by contributing to the emergence of resistance, and by eroding trust in health systems. Unfortunately, they often go undetected (due to the lack of efficient reporting systems), or they are only detected after treatment failure or toxicity become evident.
04/09 2018
Progress on HIV goes off-track as donor commitments continue to shrink Mit Philips reports on the world's largest gathering on HIV and AIDS - the 22nd International AIDS Conference, held in Amsterdam from 23 until 27 July 2018. The Conference kicked off with an explicit focus on diversity, key populations and young people. Challenged by the HIV community Donors were asked -, if now ‘flat-lining is the new increase’ and ‘reducing is the new flat-lining’. Read more …
02/07 2018
Santé mentale au Rwanda – plus de 12 ans d’expérience partagée Pendant plus de 12 ans, le docteur Achour Mohand a travaillé au sein du ministère de la santé au Rwanda pour promouvoir et renforcer les services de la santé mentale du pays. Au niveau mondial, un patient sur quatre qui visite un centre de santé a un trouble mentale, neurologique ou comportemental mais ses troubles ne seront pas détectés ni traités.
20/06 2018
A call for strengthening the regulatory capacities of pharmaceuticals in the South Poor-quality medicines are still a major and hidden threat to many individuals and health systems in low-income countries. The collaboration between ITM researchers, master’s students and QUAMED (Quality Medicines for All) on the quality systems of pharmaceutical distributors provides an opportunity to share the findings of operational actors with the public health community.
19/06 2018
Spotlight on health and rights of adolescent girls The sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescent girls took centre stage at the 2018 European Development Days (EDD), writes Be-cause health coordinator Tim Roosen.
12/04 2018
Consensus note DGD & Be-cause health available This April 7th - World Health Day - 2018, a global health community reflected upon anniversaries of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Alma Ata declaration.
17/01 2018
Plenary talk of prof. Hogerzeil at ECTMIH on essential medicines The plenary talk of prof. Hogerzeil at ECTMIH on essential medicines is now available online.
15/01 2018
Prize Digital for Development (D4D) Edition 2018 Digital for Development (D4D) Prize - Deadline for applications: Thursday February 1, 2018
22/12 2017
Reproductive health supplies - recommendations on availability, quality and affordability Insights and recommendations, as well as ppt are made available from 8th Nov. 2017 Seminar on access to quality medicines and supplies for sexual reproductive health and rights.
22/12 2017
Leaving No Building Block Behind Reflections on roundtable UHC in fragile settings Blog by Button Ricarte, Advocacy Coordinator and Policy Writer, UHC Study Group (UP Manila), Health Policy Intern, ITM
26/10 2017
Minister De Croo and Belgian actors from the international health cooperation sign commitment on quality of medicines The Belgian Development Cooperation will better monitor the quality of pharmaceutical products in developing countries.
12/10 2017
Poor quality medicines on the programme at ECTMIH, Belgium Dr Raffaella Ravinetto, senior researcher at the ITM Public Health Department and chair of the Be-cause health Medicines Working Group, said: “Despite an increasing awareness of the problem of poor quality medicines, the divide in pharmaceutical quality between the North and the South remains insufficiently addressed.
12/10 2017
Be-cause health @ECTMIH From 16 to 20 October, Be-cause health will be present at ECTMIH. Be-cause health organises some sessions in cooperation with other organisations and institutes and gives you the opportunity to have a meet & greet with some invited key people at its booth.
06/10 2017
Health Systems Research 2018 Health Systems Research 2018 - The Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2018) will take place in Liverpool, UK from 8 to 12 October, 2018. The deadline for individual abstracts is 5 March 2018. Organized session proposals can be proposed until 15 January 2018.
03/10 2017
New abortion law in Bolivia On 28th of September, the Bolivian parliament adopted an abortion law. This is a major step forward after years of criminalization.
24/07 2017
Le monde a un grand projet (The world has a big plan) Le monde a un grand projet. En 2015, la Belgique et plus de 190 pays ont adopté le ‘Programme 2030 pour le développement durable’, un accord international qui contient 17 ‘Objectifs de Développement Durable’ (ODD).
10/07 2017
The health mutualities of tomorrow - recent studies Studies on health mutualities in Benin & Togo, Mali & Senegal and DRC
30/05 2017
European Development Days - Global Health sessions European Development Days on 7 and 8 June 2017 at Tour & Taxis, Brussels
07/04 2017
No development without mental health April 7th, World Health Day in 2017 calls our attention to mental health. In Rwanda nearly a quarter of adult population suffers post-traumatic stress. Dr. Achour Ait Mohand of the Belgian Technical Cooperation assists since 10 years a hospital as well community-driven mental health care.
06/04 2017
Annual report 2016 2016 has been a challenging year. You can now read our 2016 annual report online.
06/04 2017
General Assembly 2017 The draft minutes of the General Assembly of 16 March 2017 and the annexes are now available.
01/03 2017
"Why are there so many teenage mothers in developing countries?" Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo launches unique e-tutorial on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
12/12 2016
Blog: Health for all. Universal Health Coverage Day 12/12/2016 Universal Health Coverage is celebrated today across the globe as a call to national and international policy makers that everyone has the right to health, including “access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all” (UHC target 3.8)
10/08 2016
Publication by Jacques Pinel Publication by Jacques Pinel († 2015), pioneer in the fight for universal access to quality-assured medicines, titled "Poor-quality medicines: a life-threatening issue. Rare in rich countries, frequent in developing countries"
09/08 2016
Article on the free trade agreements and health The Working Group on Social Determinants of Health and the Action Platform on Health and Solidarity have drawn up a vision text on the negative impact of the free trade agreements on the health of the communities in the outh.
28/06 2016
A luta continua Be-cause health funded the French translation of this documentary about health care in Mozambique. Members can ask for a free DVD by sending a mail to
09/06 2016
Presentations Seminar Digitisation The presentations of our seminar Health 2.0: Are we ready to go digital? are now available! You can also consult our recommendations for the government here.
08/06 2016
Annual report 2015 2015 was an exciting year for Be-cause health. With lots of interesting activities and content-rich discussions. The new annual report gives you a nice overview.
11/05 2016
Workshop Chronic non communicable diseases On 8 October, Be-cause health and the ITM organised a workshop on 'Challenges and opportunities for integration of chronic care'. Click here for the report and the presentations.
11/05 2016
General Assembly 2016 The report and other documents of the General Assembly from January 2016 are now available.
11/05 2016
Video about Trade and Health The Working Group Social Determinants of Health has developed a short film about the impact of trade agreements on health. Everything you wanted to know...