Report on the Conference ‘Mental health voices from Africa’ and invitation to the Community of Practice

Dear participants in the conference “Mental health voices from Africa”,

We have been through a long summer, and though it has taken us longer than we expected, we are very happy to be able to share the digital report of the conference with you now. (This report is first out in French, but in a few weeks’ time, also the English report will be available on our website. If you already would like the temporary report in a text version, you can contact us at 

You can also consult and print a brief summary of this report here. The summary holds a QR code that you can use to respond to the question whether you are interested to join a “Community of Practice”. Such a platform offers all kinds of possibilities to follow up regularly the exchange of experiences, questions, support and advice between interested stakeholders on specific themes. Participants themselves will steer the “Community of Practice”.

This platform will be in French, but it will also connect us to the English language mental health platforms already in existence. We hope you will join! If you are interested to participate, please give your consent via this form in compliance with the European privacy regulations “GDPR”.

Thank you very much, and we look forward to being in touch again!

Yours sincerely.

For the organizing committee of “Mental health voices from Africa”