Re-launch working group ‘Researchers in Global Health – Policies & Systems’

Global health and its context have evolved radically in the recent decades with globalisation, population growth, and technological evolutions. The working group ‘Researchers in Global Health – Policies & Systems’ aims to provide a forum to consider, apply and integrate emerging approaches to global health research and practice. These approaches demands a transdisciplinary way of thinking and acting, and leads to a more comprehensive analysis, understanding and intervention of (global) health challenges.

The working group aims to provide a platform for discussion and a community of practice contributing to global health research and practice.

Do you want to influence policy, stay informed of new insights and developments, and share knowledge and ideas? Then this working group is a contribution to your career and will create opportunities to collaborate with other experts and international actors.

A first meeting with the working group will be organised 16th of February at 7 pm. In this meeting we will introduce the working group, share knowledge and ideas for workshops and events and search for tools to expand active membership.

Membership is on a voluntary and individual basis and include current and future global health professionals from different universities, research institutes, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

More information: Coordinators Elisa Vanlerberghe (Fracarita, Broeders van Liefde) & Elien De Paepe (Ghent University)