03/12 2021
DES PRODUITS POUR LE COVID-19 DE QUALITÉ INFÉRIEURE OU FALSIFIÉS : UN RAPPORT EN FRANCAIS Depuis le début de la pandémie, le Medicine Quality Research Group a identifié 845 articles pertinents sur les problèmes de qualité des produits médicaux pour la COVID-19.
06/12 2018
Seminar on Access to Quality-assured medicines The Be-cause health seminar on building universal access to quality-assured medicines gathered over 80 participants at the DGD headquarters in Brussels on November 20th, for looking at how national and international funding agencies, as well Belgian stakeholders, can contribute to this aim.
05/12 2018
Medicines and ethics Poor-quality medicines are especially prevalent in low- and middle-income countries. They represent a threat for individual and public health, by causing therapeutic failure or direct toxicity, by contributing to the emergence of resistance, and by eroding trust in health systems. Unfortunately, they often go undetected (due to the lack of efficient reporting systems), or they are only detected after treatment failure or toxicity become evident.
20/06 2018
A call for strengthening the regulatory capacities of pharmaceuticals in the South Poor-quality medicines are still a major and hidden threat to many individuals and health systems in low-income countries. The collaboration between ITM researchers, master’s students and QUAMED (Quality Medicines for All) on the quality systems of pharmaceutical distributors provides an opportunity to share the findings of operational actors with the public health community.
17/01 2018
Plenary talk of prof. Hogerzeil at ECTMIH on essential medicines The plenary talk of prof. Hogerzeil at ECTMIH on essential medicines is now available online.
26/10 2017
Ministre De Croo et les acteurs belges actifs dans la coopération internationale en santé signent un engagement sur les médicaments de qualité La Coopération au développement belge veillera davantage à la qualité des produits pharmaceutiques dans les pays en développement.
12/10 2017
Poor quality medicines on the programme at ECTMIH, Belgium Dr Raffaella Ravinetto, senior researcher at the ITM Public Health Department and chair of the Be-cause health Medicines Working Group, said: “Despite an increasing awareness of the problem of poor quality medicines, the divide in pharmaceutical quality between the North and the South remains insufficiently addressed.
10/08 2016
Publication par Jacques Pinel Publication par Jacques Pinel († 2015), un pionnier de la lutte pour l’accès universel à des médicaments de qualité, intitulée "Les médicaments de contrefaçons et sous-standards : un danger de mort. Exceptionnel dans les pays industrialisés, commun dans les pays en développement."