Our intention is to reach the most representative and broadest possible group of interested parties. This is why organisations and individuals can become members of Be-cause health. Member organisations can have both a public and private character.

Be-cause health is the Belgian network of stakeholders active in international health and healthcare. The members of the network are very heterogeneous and come from NGOs, academic institutions, authorities, consultancy firms, etc. Be-cause health provides an opportunity to all these stakeholders to meet and exchange experiences, but also to learn and cooperate through the working groups or coordinated activities and give input to governmental policies. Organisations and individuals can become an effective member or friend of Be-cause health. Individuals can also become members in a personal capacity. People and organisations from abroad will be registered as friends of Be-cause health. The statute of observer is reserved for authorities. All members will receive invitations for the General Assembly, the annual seminars and workshops, and our newsletters. Only effective members have a vote at the General Assembly, if a vote is considered necessary. Member organisations can contact us to publish news, activities or vacancies on our website, in our monthly Update and through our social media (Facebook). For more information, please read our Internal Regulations (NL/FR).
  • To be active and/or have an interest in international healthcare, with a view to a reduction of the unequal access to quality healthcare and healthy living conditions.
  • To be active and/or have an interest in cooperation with countries in the South (developing countries) and combating poverty.
  • To rally behind the principles and general terms of the 'Healthcare for all' declaration. This third condition implies involvement in what is happening in Belgium in the field of international healthcare.
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