• To be active and/or have an interest in cooperation with the low and middle income countries and combating poverty and inequality.
  • To endorse the vision and mission of Be-cause health and the principles of the ‘Health Care for all’ declaration. This condition implies a commitment to what is happening in Belgium in the field of global healthcare.
  • To be active and/or have an interest in global healthcare, with a view to a reduction of the unequal access to quality healthcare and healthy living conditions.
  • Member organisations are presented at the General Assembly.
  • Members are asked to take on an active engagement within a minimum of one of the thematic or ad hoc Be-cause health working groups, which can come together physically, hybrid or online. Membership of a working group is discussed with the coordinators of the working groups they are interested in.

Become a member

Why become a member?

Be-cause health is the Belgian network of stakeholders active in global health and healthcare. The members of the network are very heterogeneous and come from NGOs, academic institutions, governments, consultancy firms, student associations, etc. Be-cause health provides an opportunity to all these stakeholders to meet and exchange experiences, and also to learn and cooperate through the working groups or coordinated activities and give input to governmental policies.

Who can become a member?

Organisations and individuals can become a member of Be-cause health. Representatives from government bodies are observing members. Everyone who is interested can receive the invitation to the General Assembly, the annual seminar and subscribe for our newsletters. Members have a voting right at the General Assembly if a vote is deemed necessary. Member organisations can contact us to publish news, activities or vacancies on our website, in our monthly Update mail and through our social media (Facebook, Twitter). 

  1. For certain aspects, like the representativeness of the network, supporting the dynamics and for more formal engagements, it is necessary that the organisations are member their selves. Specifically for the formal engagements[1] a signature of the management or a person mandated by the organisation is needed. 
  2. Everyone who is interested can become member in a personal capacity. In that case, employers will not be formally linked with Be-cause health. 
  3. Representatives of the governments are observing members and do not participate in voting if votes need to take place. 

Member organisations:

  • are mentioned with their logo on the website of Be-cause health;
  • have the possibility to engage them selves for official documents;
  • can ask to publish their activities through the website, Facebook and/or the monthly Update-mail.

All members:

  • receive the invitation to the General Assembly and have a voting right;
  • can take on coordinating/facilitating tasks within the network.

Everyone who is interested can participate at the General Assembly without voting right and can subscribe to the monthly Update-mail through this link in which next to other activities from or related to the platform, the General Assembly and the conferences of Be-cause health will be announced.

[1] E.g. signing of the charter on medicines, representation in the Steering Committee, …