Elham Youssefian

Inclusive Humanitarian Action and Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor, International Disability Alliance (IDA), USA

Since 2019, Elham Youssefian is the Inclusive Humanitarian Action and Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor in the International Disability Alliance (IDA). Elham is responsible for leading and coordinating the implementation of IDA’s strategy to promote and support the effective enforcement of disability-inclusive humanitarian action, response to forced displacement, climate action and disaster risk reduction. She has lead IDA COVID-19 emergency response in the aftermath of the global pandemic announcement. Together with representatives from CBM-global and UNICEF, Elham is co-chairing the  Reference Group on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action (DRG). She is also co-chairing the Global Action on Disability (GLAD Network) working group on disability-inclusive climate action.

Elham’s education is in international and human rights law. Before joining IDA, Elham lead diverse projects on disability rights, protection of refugees, violence against women and other human rights and humanitarian projects. She is currently based in New York.