Jean Van Wetter

CEO of Enabel

Jean Van Wetter is the CEO of Enabel, the Belgian development agency. Enabel implements the Belgian bilateral cooperation policy. Together with its Belgian and international partners, Enabel provides solutions to urgent global challenges – climate change, peace and security, social and economic inequality, human mobility, – and promotes global citizenship. With 2,200 employees, Enabel manages some 170 projects in 20 countries, in Belgium, Africa and the Middle East. Jean graduated from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management at the University of Brussels (ULB) and started his career as a strategy consultant for Arthur Andersen before moving into the international cooperation sector. He was the Executive Director of the NGO Humanity and Inclusion/Handicap International and lived in several countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. He is a frequent panelist on issues related to international cooperation and the sustainable development goals. He is married and has three children.