Klara Miljanić

Croatian Association of Medical Students

Klara Miljanić is a dedicated and passionate advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health
and Rights (SRHR) and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE). As a 6th-year medical
student and Programme Coordinator for Realizing SRHR, Klara has been at the forefront of
efforts to promote access to quality SRHR services for all individuals, particularly children
and young people, and marginalised communities such as the LGBTQIA+ community and
sex workers.

Klara’s commitment to SRHR and CSE is rooted in her background and her belief that
access to quality SRHR services and CSE is a fundamental right for all individuals. This led
her to become actively involved in advocating for SRHR and CSE, eventually taking on a
role as a Programme Coordinator for one of the leading global youth organisations.

In her role as a Programme Coordinator, Klara has had an opportunity to work on and
implement projects that promote SRHR and CSE for children, young people, and
marginalised communities. She has also conducted extensive research on the availability of
CSE in her country and has developed and delivered CSE training to educators and
healthcare students. Klara also has extensive experience in policy making, developing
community engagement strategies, peer-on-peer education models, and she is a regular
speaker at conferences and capacity-building events.