Submissions Call Strengthening Health For All:
what works in a world in poly-crisis and uncertainty?

Our planet is reaching its social, economic, and ecological limits. Climate crisis, warfare, increasing migration, economic turmoil, a debt crisis in many LMICs and a pandemic as well as infodemics, among other things, challenge the emerging responses for the health and health care goals of communities, countries, and international institutions.

Health systems and focused health programmes strive to improve the health and well-being of populations. Therefore they aim to improve the basic health of populations, including better maternal and child health, to serve the needs of populations facing the double burden of infectious and non-communicable, chronic health conditions. They aim to reduce inequities in health, promote universal access to health, quality healthcare and health products, but are under pressure.

Be-cause health together with the networks Emerging Voices for Global Health and Health Systems Global Africa Regional Network invited researchers, health workers, health practitioners, policy makers, health activists, members of grassroot organisations, etc. to submit a pitch for a short story of success or about a promising failure in global health.

We aim to draw upon the lessons learned and conclusions from the stories to compile a declaration which reaffirms the right to Health for All in the current context of poly-crisis and uncertainty. The declaration should be internationally supported as widely as possible by academic and civil actors, policy makers and governments.

We share with you the selected stories in various formats on this webpage.

1. Shahreen CHOWDHURY – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK; PhD in International Public Health & Emerging Voices fellow; Zeela ZAIZAY – Actions Transforming Lives, REDRESS Country Programme Manager, Liberia

Title: Creative collaboration, participatory approaches and thinking beyond biomedical care within health systems strengthening: Successes of the REDRESS Intervention, Liberia
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2. Galgalo Halake DJARSO – Health Care Unit, CORDAID, Ethiopia

Title: Bridging the Gap: Addressing Tensions in Ethiopia’s Health System Through Performance Based Financing
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3. Tamba Mina MILLIMOUNO – Africa Centre of Excellence for Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases (CEA-PCMT), Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry, Guinea & Centre National de Formation et de Recherche en Santé Rurale de Maferinyah, Ministère de la Santé, Guinea

Title: Strengthening local health systems through learning facilitated by digital tools in Benin and Guinea: a promising failure
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4. Anne-Laurence FRANZINI – NPO Confluences, Co-creation research advisor & University of Tours, Laboratory Education – Ethics – Health, France

Title: Survivors’ Experience: Capitalization For Quality Healthcare
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