Vision & mission

Our vision

Be-cause health aims at equitable access to good quality responsive health services for all, and in particular the most vulnerable people, embedded in strong, resilient and sustainable health systems. It is recognised on national and international level for its expertise in these matters.

Our mission

Be-cause health is a pluralistic open platform, providing a place for exchange and capitalisation of technical knowledge and scientific evidence on international health and development cooperation and its application in the field. Be-cause health ensures a more effective Belgian contribution to global health policies and the policy debate based on the right to health and healthcare for all, and on the acceptance of reality as a complex, adaptive system influenced by multiple determinants. The platform stimulates mutual trust, understanding and cooperation between all stakeholders involved in Belgian development cooperation. It strengthens the transformational competences of its members such as flexibility, teamwork and leadership.

Our values & principles

Based on a rights perspective to health and healthcare, Be-cause health values:

  • Based on a rights perspective to health and healthcare, Be-cause health values:
  • Constructive dialogue in an open and learning mind-set;
  • Creativity and Innovation;
  • Equity;
  • Autonomy;
  • Solidarity;
  • Ownership.

Our structure

As a pluralistic platform, Be-cause health is open to both organisations and individual members involved in Belgian development cooperation related to international health: policy makers, public and private actors, civil society organisations and research institutes.

Its dynamics are supported by a light and flexible structure and mode of functioning adaptive to opportunities and continuous changes in the complex, pluralistic and multi-actor context of development cooperation, as well as to the expectations and commitment of its members. The dynamic of the platform depends on its members’ sense of initiative, to whom the necessary autonomy is given. Be-cause health is an open platform looking actively for synergy and collaboration with other networks at Belgian and international level, also beyond the health sector.

Declaration on Health Care for All

Belgium is a small country, but it has a strong tradition in international healthcare, both in humanitarian aid and in development cooperation. The government, NGOs, academic institutions and strong individuals played and play an important role. Belgian stakeholders in international healthcare share pretty much the same conclusion. It is expressed in the Healthcare for All declaration. This declaration came about during the Healthcare for All conference in October 2001, organised by the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Institute of Tropical Medicine following the Belgian chairmanship of the European Union. The writing of this declaration was prepared and ratified by over 20 Public Health ministers and their representatives from the South. Even though the context is evolving fast, the basics of this declaration remain topical. We will continue our efforts to strengthen local healthcare. Without a well-oiled network of health services at the service of the entire population and which does not lose sight of its most pressing needs, the goals that were set can never be met.

The “Health Care for All” – declaration