As you know the last weeks and days the COVID-19 situation in Belgium is getting worse and worse. After well considering the current context, we have decided to switch the hybrid day of our conference to a complete online format. We apologize for this late notice.


Selected organisations and researchers can present their work on the overall conference topic “Climate justice and health equity” in a digital exposition. You will be able to upload a (academic) poster, presentation, video, flyer, and/or pictures at an own “booth”.

Interested to use this feature? Contact us at

Confirmed booths:

Theme: SRHR

  • Hot climate and weather impacts on infant feeding practices: a systematic review of epidemiological, clinical, and anthropological evidence – Jessica Edney, UK Health Security Agency
  • The climate crisis and sexual and reproductive health and rights – Raffaela Dattler, IPPF Africa

Theme: Demographic pressure

  • Tackling bad air and promoting prevention and care for chronic lung diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: Assessing Evidence for Strategic Responses – Grace M. Ku, Department of Public Healh, ITM, Belgiu

Theme: Health systems

  • Family Physician Perceptions of Climate Change, Migration, Health, and Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Exploratory Study – Charlotte Scheerens, Department of Public Health & Primary Care, Ghent University, Belgium

Theme : Mitigation

  • L’hôpital de Kiganda, une réhabilitation réfléchie face aux enjeux du changement climatique – Farah Beniacoub, Enabel, Burundi
  • La mise aux normes des centres de santé au Burundi : promotion de solutions techniques limitant les effets du changement climatique – Farah Beniacoub, Enabel, Burundi

Sketchnotes of the conference by Zsofi Lang