BNR – GHPS third meeting
18/11 - 30/11/2019

Realist evaluation is increasingly becoming a popular approach to evaluate health (systems) interventions. With increased popularity comes increased confusion as not all realist evaluations adhere to the best practices of realist evaluation. In order to bring more clarity, the Belgian Network of Researchers in Global Health invited Prof. Dr. Bruno Marchal to introduce this interesting approach. Prof. Marchal is one of the leading scholars worldwide when it comes to realist evaluation and has published widely on the topic, including an interesting discussion on the sense and nonsense of realist randomized controlled trials. He supervises several interesting PhDs on realist evaluation and is closely involved in the organization of the realist evaluation conferences. He provided a better understanding of what realist evaluation, how it differs from other kinds of evaluation and how it can make a difference for global health research.

The seminar took place at the Institute of Tropical Medicine on 18 November.

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Seminar Presentation

Meeting minutes