People Centred Care

The phrase “People-Centred Care” brings together different concepts such as “Patient-Oriented Care”, “Patient-Centred Care”, “Community Participation”, and “Community-Oriented Care”.  In this manner, it links the human dimension in healthcare services as well as the capacity to meet the existing needs. Belgian academic institutions (ITM, University of Antwerp and Ghent University), development stakeholders, WHO and others worked in previous years (2009-2016) on the topic. Be-cause health remains open as a forum to share field experiences and research on the topic.


People-Centred Care is care that is focused and organised around the health needs and the expectations of the individual and the community rather than on diseases. It extends the concept of patient-centred care to families, communities and society; and also includes attention to the health of people in their environment and their crucial role in shaping health policy and health services. People-Centred Care takes into account the social determinants of health. Community, patients and healthcare providers are equal partners with a shared responsibility. (Adapted from “Health Systems Strengthening Glossary”, World Health Organisation).

Belgian academic institutions (ITM, University of Antwer and Ghent University), development stakeholders (the Belgian Development Agency), WHO and others worked in previous years (2009-2016) on the topic and contributed in various manners as a group, in mapping initiatives of the Belgian stakeholders in the field of People-Centred Care; identify relevant sources and documents; bringing people together and exchanging experiences about People-Centred Care by means of seminars, workshops, etc. The group contributed from their expertise to the policy notes of DGD with regards to The Right to Health – Health strategy note. The group remains open to everybody interested in the topic.


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