Social Health Protection

Social health protection and universal health coverage are well embedded within the Belgian (global health) development cooperation. Be-cause health held several workshops and developed policy briefs on social protection. Many Belgian stakeholders remain engaged on social protection, whether through the platform MASMUT and through Be-cause health. Be-cause health remains open as a forum to share field experiences and research on the topic.

Social protection is seen in different senses, the strict sense (insurance) and the wider one (see Dévereux / Sabates-Wheeler). Universal coverage is seen in its 3 dimensions: width, depth and height – better known as the “UHC cube”

Be-cause health social protection workshops and policy briefs have addressed the following issues:

  • social protection mechanisms,
  • universal coverage (taking into account the aspect of quality of care),
  • health funding and financing (various models and innovations).
10/07 2017
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