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Julia Steinberger “Don’t sit back and read and think and wait for to have achieved the perfect theory to develop the perfect strategy for action: Get out there. Interfere. Talk to people. Try like all heck to change bits and bobs of the systems that surround you. As you’ll try, you’ll learn, and as you’ll learn, your chances of success will expand extraordinarily”. 
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This Working Group (WG) of the Be-cause health (BCH) platform emerges from the lessons learnt from the “Climate Justice and Health Equity Conference” held in 2021, one of the first events in Belgium to call upon a diversity of stakeholders for sharing experiences and building knowledge on the topic.
Due to the complexity and relevance of the climate crisis and environmental degradation impact on health at global and local levels, transdisciplinary networks are a fruitful mechanism for understanding and tackling the multiple effects of such web of phenomena.

The environmental-health nexus emerged quite recently in the global health field, in the policy landscape, in the media, and among civil society organisations and movements. Therefore, we acknowledge an urgent need for developing a common language, shared vision, and experimenting and scaling concrete solutions among academia, health stakeholders, policy decision-makers, humanitarian and development NGOs, as well as individual engaged citizens without discrimination.

The ultimate goal of the WG is contributing to climate justice and health equity. In line with the Be-cause health principles of social protection and equitable access to good quality responsive health services for all, and strong, resilient and sustainable health systems, this WG aims to create a space for technical exchange and to facilitate joint initiatives.

In terms of ambitions, this WG wishes to be positioned as the central Belgian climate and health network, promoting meaningful participation of a diverse range of stakeholders from Low and Middle Income Countries and underrepresented and marginalised voices.

Topics / sub-topics

Due to the complexity of the links between climate crisis and health and the transdisciplinary nature of an emerging field of knowledge that makes boundaries between concepts quite blurred, it is not possible to define an exhaustive list of topics to be covered. Instead, we propose a cloud tag of main topics on the table of this WG. More details on topics and their interrelations and relevance for this WG will appear in the papers or guidelines that the WG will produce.


In addition to upholding human rights and professionalism, the WG highlights the following values that actively drive the work of the WG. This does not in any way seek to substitute the ethical chart or commitment of BCH. It rather recognises that respecting and implementing these requires concrete actions. The WG aims to promote Inclusion, Transparency, Decoloniality, Justice, Equity, and Gender Equality.

For more information on concrete objectives and actions, membership and functioning of the Working group, please consult the WG Planetary health ToR.


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Working group coordinator
Davide Ziveri
Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International)